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The only time management tip you’ll ever need


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What’s the only time management tip you’ll ever need?



Being Early Saves Time AND Money

The bulk of the time we waste is spent trying to catch up on things that could have been done earlier, in less time.
By doing things before they need to be done we really SAVE time.

That old proverb “A stitch in time saves nine” is true.

Getting your car serviced before it breaks down, getting a new computer before it slows you down, getting a health check before you become ill, nurturing your relationships before they collapse, paying off bills before you get charged interest, getting more business before you run out of money. They all save both time and money.

Being early Pays Off

First come, first served is another true saying. Research shows that people respond more positively to the first person to respond to their request, whether this is to send in a quote, a tender for a job, information or recommendations. In other words, being early has a clear advantage.

Being Early Makes a Statement

If you want people to think you’re not in control of your life, unreliable, can’t be trusted, and don’t respect others, be consistently late for meetings, for deadlines, and for appointments. (See related post “Always” )

If you want people to think you’re committed, confident, and competent, show up early, and use the extra time to relax and prepare so you’ll be on top of your game.

Being in place when others arrive means you get to choose your chair, comb your hair, go to the loo, be the one to welcome others. It gives you control.

Try it …

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  1. Kate at Rose McGrory
    Kate at Rose McGrory says:

    Absolutely can’t BEAR others being late to meetings, unless there’s a real “life or death crisis” reason. That said, I tend to go too far the other way and have recently been trying to achieve “early *enough*” rather than “twiddling my thumbs for half an hour”!  ~Kate

  2. Moira Upton
    Moira Upton says:

    I agree, doing something “on time”could even mean, for me at any rate, not putting something off. More importantly completing the task I set out to do and not being distracted by an email, the post, or something else I have just noticed, seen, suddenly remembered I need to be do.
    I would, however, add another tip. Always put things away, in the right or appropriate place. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Knowing where you can find things quickly saves an enormous amount of time and reduces the frustration of searching.

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