What to charge for on-line workshops

Imagine being a personal trainer at the start of lockdown. Should…
Plans and real life

Planning for uncertainty

Small business owners are usually not great fans of planning. Most…

Who are you – really?

Who are you and why should anyone care? “Do you know Brian…

Why are fights so popular on social media?

What do you think when you see people having an argument on social media?

Moving on

For 20 weeks – 140 days – most of the people I work with have been in lockdown. For most of those days I’ve been in touch with them on Zoom calls.

Suspended in a strange reality

What are you putting off? If you answered "everything" you're not alone!

On feeling untethered

A fundamental human need is to feel ourselves located, grounded, in place in relation to the world around us.

Not knowing what to do is fine

What I'm seeing right now is a lot of people and businesses in a holding pattern. We're not so sure where we fit in any more.

Should we work for free in a crisis?

Lots of people are wondering if they should discount their services or even work for free during the COVID19 crisis.

Juggling priorities

We've been plunged headlong into a global crisis and our survival instincts have kicked in. 

7 Things to do right now to avoid a business crisis

This is a list of 7 things you can do right now that will help you feel more in control.

Work Smart – quick tips

Most people start a business to have more freedom, more choice and more time.

Is it better to be nice or kind?

Things can be nice without being kind, and vice versa. Nice is about pleasing people whereas being kind is more complex.

The art of subtle networking

What's the point of networking? Most people network to get something:…

What’s your why? Again.

Re-visiting the murky waters of Why. It seems like every…