Substack is always staggering from one crisis to another.

Are you tempted to use Substack? Maybe think twice. Substack is an American online platform founded in 2017 that provides publishing and design infrastructure to support subscription newsletters and create varying levels of revenue. The platform takes a cut of revenue generated by writers but also pays high profile writers to use their influence to […]

How do you get lucky?

Success depends a lot on luck One of the most annoying things about the way business gurus describe success (as well as the “self-made man” myth) is that they rarely mention how much of it is down to luck. Yes, planning is important. Learning to do things really well is important. Making the right connections […]

You are not the work you do: you are the person you are.

What will you be when you retire? Will you be a Eustabie? Will you introduce your retired self as, “I used to be a consultant / coach / accountant / designer / (whatever)”? Some people spend a lot of time rehearsing their answer to the question, “What do you do?” If you were asked “Who […]

 How do you trust?

Not who, but *how* do you trust? What do you use to make judgments about people and things that you may want to invest in and … how do other people make those judgments about you? The clients I work with often ask me to recommend training, services, marketing, consultants, professionals, and other things that […]

How’s your Teflon Coating?

Self-esteem is something that can be worked on, improved and enhanced. It underpins so much of how we see and engage with the world. It’s like a Teflon coating that creates a barrier from the external elements that can harm us. This came up in a chat with a client when we were looking at […]