How do you trust?

Not who, but *how* do you trust? What do you use to make judgments about people and things that you may want to invest in and … how do other people make those judgments about you? The clients I work with often ask me to recommend training, services, marketing, consultants, professionals, and other things that […]

How’s your Teflon Coating?

Self-esteem is something that can be worked on, improved and enhanced. It underpins so much of how we see and engage with the world. It’s like a Teflon coating that creates a barrier from the external elements that can harm us. This came up in a chat with a client when we were looking at […]

The authenticity question

What does it mean to be authentic? The general definition of something that is authentic is that it’s genuine, bona fide, being actually and exactly what is claimed. This begs the question, how does this fit with most marketing? There are more definitions of marketing than seem possible for something that is essentially about creating […]

What story are you telling yourself?

In your internal conversations what do you assume people think of you? I was just wrapping up a call with a client when I asked about the voluntary work he was doing at weekends. “I’m dreading going back in to be honest” he said, “I think I’ve antagonised the organiser.” Of course I needed to […]

Are you getting paid for doing what you find easy?

“It’s not hard so why would anyone pay me for doing it?” I’ve had quite a few conversations about this. Picasso was sitting in cafe when a woman asked him to sketch her. A few minutes later, he handed her the sketch. She was thrilled and asked how much she owed him. “5000 francs, madam,” […]