Value your work and your life workshop

More and more business owners are finding it hard to get clients and get paid what their work is worth. This isn't because they're not doing a good job, it's because proving your worth is more difficult than ever before. The way we value ourselves has a huge impact on the way we run our businesses. From ethics to pricing, everything is affected by our feelings of self-worth. Our four part workshop covers the four cornerstones of finding clients who really appreciate the value you bring them.

Work smart not hard

An online workshop made-up of eight modules to help plan, develop and grow your business to be as painless to run as possible. The idea is that you should be a ble to take time off and the business will run in the background and still earn money without you having to be on call to manage everything all the time. The modules are delivered by video and you submit worksheets for discussion and further action. It's almost like 1:1 mentoring but done remotely and at your pace.