The only time management tip you’ll ever need

  What’s the only time management tip you’ll ever need? BE EARLY! Why? Being Early Saves Time AND Money The bulk of the time we waste is spent trying to catch up on things that could have been done earlier, in less time. By doing things before they need to be done we really SAVE […]

Five tips for making networking fun

If you go to networking meetings to sell, you won’t be interested in this. If you’d like to have fun meeting people, you will. Fun tip 1. Expose yourself Step out from behind your business persona and expose the real you! People do business with people they like but how can anyone like you if […]

How to get more Twitter followers

There are only two ways to get more Twitter followers. (Warning! There is more advice about how to use Twitter than there is about how to lose weight and most of it is just as useful! Also – sarcasm is used liberally throughout this post!) Actually, there are three ways to get Twitter followers but […]