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No business is the same now as it was before the pandemic …

Coming to terms with the fact that there is never any certainty isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because when everything is certain there is no potential.

Ann Hawkins

Some businesses have had outstanding growth, some have stalled and some have had to make dramatic changes in order to survive.

Every relationship is different. People we used to know simply as suppliers or clients are now people who have juggled every possible combination of emotions and have reassessed what is really important to them.

Running our own businesses means we have chances that many people don’t. We have a chance to make every day count, to work on things that we care about, to work with clients and associates that enrich all of our lives and in our own small ways to make the world a better place.

I worked with a lot of people during tha pandemic and the one thing that struck me most is that we were all trying to survive the same stormy sea but we were all in very different boats.

Whatever boat you’re in, you can make your journey count.

Illustration by Anne-Marie Miller


I’ve helped hundreds of business owners create the sort of life that’s worth living and the sort of businesses that are enjoyable to run, using the most up-to-date business thinking and techniques.

I believe that understanding your own motivation and having a clear idea of your worth is the key to finding clients who really appreciate you and work with you as a valued partner, not a needy supplier.


I would like to say a huge thank you for being wonderfully generous with your time, support and advice. I would not still be in business if it wasn’t for you patiently pointing me in the right direction. Rachel Extance – Communications Consultant

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I am looking for help to take my


The great thing about working with Ann is that she combines the ‘hard’ business aspects of getting the right processes and systems in place in business with the ‘soft’ aspects of how we manage and overcome our internal challenges and listen to what we need personally to help our businesses grow. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can facilitate both of these quite so skillfully. Ruth Farenga, Founder, Mindful Pathway


Because I work with people who share my values, want to have fun, and explore possibities, my clients often become friends with each other and work together or support each other. Being part of a wider network is incredibly valuable and powerful and enhances businesses and lives in many ways.

If we approach everything asking ‘what’s best for me?’ we get division. If we approach it asking ‘what’s best for all of us?’ we get a different outcome.


I’ve made a handful of really important decisions for my business and working with Ann as a business mentor has been one of the best. She’s great to work with, with a refreshing no-nonsense approach and huge integrity. This cuts out any time-wasting faff and helps move things on quickly, which is key when you’re learning so much, quickly. Jo Twiselton, Change Management Consultant


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