Moving on

140 days and counting For 20 weeks – 140 days – most of the people I work with have been in lockdown. For most of those days I’ve been in touch with them on Zoom calls. I’ve heard what each of them has been through. How they’ve coped with the fear and panic of the […]

Suspended in a strange reality

What are you putting off? If you answered “everything” you’re not alone! “Suspended in a strange reality” is how a member of my network described how he’s feeling right now. While some people are getting on with getting out there, many more are retreating even further into isolation. “If anything I feel more disconnected, maybe […]

On feeling untethered

A fundamental human need is to feel ourselves located, grounded, in place in relation to the world around us. To lack that can feel as though we are untethered from our moorings. Nearly two months ago I wrote this post about trying to figure out where our place in the world is when the whole […]

Not knowing what to do is fine

A few weeks ago I was flying back to London after visiting my son in Canada and thanks to a following wind the plane got to Heathrow early and was put in a holding pattern over London.

Should we work for free in a crisis?

Lots of people are wondering if they should discount their services or even work for free during the COVID19 crisis. Some are being pressured into doing free work by clients, or by thinking competitors will be doing it, so they should too. In a conversation with Thor A Rain of The Helpful Clinic we covered […]