Important news for SEO / Google search

Google is devising radical search changes to beat A.I. rivals Since Bing made it clear that it was investing in A.I. to challenge Google’s stranglehold on search it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. From an article in the New York Times comes this: • Google ‘panicked’ when Samsung suggested […]

Approaching a new year with a new story

In February 2020 I flew back to the UK after visiting my son in Canada. When we landed it was into a very different world from the one we’d left a few months earlier. The past three years have created changes that have affected us all in many different ways and caused many of us […]

How do you price your services during a recession?

Are you feeling under pressure to offer discounts because people may be struggling with the cost of living crisis? Every time there’s a downturn or a wobble in the economy, whether it was the major meltdown in 2008, the pandemic in 2020 or the looming recession in 2022 or many incidents in between, the answer […]

Risk and Uncertainty

Taking risks and dealing with uncertainty is a big part of running a business. But they’re not the same thing. When Joe set up his picture framing business his biggest risk (so he thought) was competitors, so he figured out that by charging less and doing a better job he’d manage that one. Then he […]

Has the way you work changed?

For 20 weeks – 140 days – most of the people I work with have been in lockdown.
For most of those days I’ve been in touch with them on Zoom calls.