Who is spending your time?

Get that monkey off your back! Are other people spending your time? Check by doing this after every meeting: Did your meeting start/end on time? If not what could you do to make sure this happens in future? Who benefitted most from the meeting? If it was you, is the benefit in the short or […]

The only time management tip you’ll ever need

  What’s the only time management tip you’ll ever need? BE EARLY! Why? Being Early Saves Time AND Money The bulk of the time we waste is spent trying to catch up on things that could have been done earlier, in less time. By doing things before they need to be done we really SAVE […]

So you’re passionate about your business. So what?

  Being passionate about your business is a good thing – right? I know lots of people who are passionate about their business. It’s a good thing and no more than I would expect from the people I mix with, given that most of them have chosen to do what they do. However, I am […]

What does it take to be successful in Social Media?

I’ve just returned from a seminar on “Social Media – the Next Generation” and was flattered to be asked to field the question, “What does it take to be successful in Social Media?” implying that a) I am and b) that I knew. My first reaction was that if anyone sets out ‘just’ to be […]

How to be happy

Why do we need to know how to be happy? Why is happiness so important? Are we born happy and then lose it? What has happiness to do with business success? I recently became aware of a number of business owners who work such long hours that they neglect all the things that make them […]