Why don’t you do what you say you want to do?

“I’ve been going round in circles like a dog chasing its tail and just not getting on with the things I want to do”, says Alex. “I’m driving myself nuts and I don’t know why I do it.” “Look at this list”, said Elaine “I want to follow up on all these prospects but I’m […]

Change. Its not easy.

What makes you decide to change? Learning is one thing, knowing is another. Neither means that you will actually change. Change happens when you have a change of heart rather than a change of mind. Change happens when you take action, moment by moment, doing things differently. Change happens when you take a leap of faith. [pullquote]If you […]

Who is spending your time?

Get that monkey off your back! Are other people spending your time? Check by doing this after every meeting: Did your meeting start/end on time? If not what could you do to make sure this happens in future? Who benefitted most from the meeting? If it was you, is the benefit in the short or […]

The only time management tip you’ll ever need

  What’s the only time management tip you’ll ever need? BE EARLY! Why? Being Early Saves Time AND Money The bulk of the time we waste is spent trying to catch up on things that could have been done earlier, in less time. By doing things before they need to be done we really SAVE […]

B2B is Dead. Long live P2P.

People buy from people These are some thoughts inspired by Rick Segal in Forbes Magazine: B2B has ceased to be. Death was inevitable when people began carrying their telecommunications and computing power with them. From that point “The Firm” lost its place as the organizing principle of business marketing. If we really want to influence […]