Who is spending your time?

Get that monkey off your back!

Are other people spending your time?

Check by doing this after every meeting:

Did your meeting start/end on time?

If not what could you do to make sure this happens in future?

Who benefitted most from the meeting?

If it was you, is the benefit in the short or long term?

If it was others, why did you allow them to spend your time for you?

Were any of today’s activities less important than other things on your list?

If so, could you have postponed them?

You don’t want to be mean with your time but if other people are benefitting more than you, try changing lunch to coffee and coffee to a Skype call and a Skype call to an email.

Suggest other people do the prep for a meeting and send you the info beforehand. Don’t let anyone put a monkey on your back – make sure it stays where it belongs.

Spend more time on the important stuff and less on the urgent – especially if its more urgent for other people than it is for you.

If you’d like help managing your time so that you can grow your business  just ask! 

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