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Whenever  something “always” happens to you, you can relax.

It means that you are completely in charge of that situation.

Always late?
Hmmm, let’s see now… From near or far, summer or winter, rush hour or not, alone or with others and to various destinations, and you “all-ways” manage to neutralize all of the variables so that you arrive late.

Just managing on the income you have?
Prices go up, prices go down. Things go on sale, appliances wear down and break. Cars need repairs. And so on. Yet you just just manage to get by on your income.

NOT managing on the income you have?
Are you always managing to be down a certain amount of money each month. And then something happens to make up the difference at the last minute

People always treating you in a certain (un)acceptable way? 
That would be old people, young people, good people, people you hardly know, people with different backgrounds and so on. What do they all have in common? You.
Always you.

You are so flexible that you can actually stay in the same state. You neutralize all the variables in an unconscious way. So unconscious that you don’t even realize the subtleties of you own actions. Yet there is simply no denying the repetitive-ness (and effectiveness!) of your own actions.

Choose one of the more obvious “always” things in your life. Determine the benefit of continuing it. Then give yourself that benefit and that “always” will vanish.

Post inspired by George Raynault
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