Why blogs are great for small businesses

Blogs are great for small businesses Anyone who runs a small business knows the importance of finding effective ways to market their business that won’t take too much time and can be done on a minimal, or even non-existent budget. If this is relevant to you, then say hello to the blog; it could just […]

Who is spending your time?

Get that monkey off your back! Are other people spending your time? Check by doing this after every meeting: Did your meeting start/end on time? If not what could you do to make sure this happens in future? Who benefitted most from the meeting? If it was you, is the benefit in the short or […]


Whenever  something “always” happens to you, you can relax. It means that you are completely in charge of that situation. Always late? Hmmm, let’s see now… From near or far, summer or winter, rush hour or not, alone or with others and to various destinations, and you “all-ways” manage to neutralize all of the variables […]