How much should I charge?

The way you price your services or products has a huge impact on the success of your business.

Can you sell?

No business is done until a sale is made I know a ton of people who are happy to dive in and try marketing but hardly any who will have a go at selling. Lots of small business saw the arrival of inbound marketing as a good reason to ditch the need to learn about […]

Poor pricing is what keeps most businesses small

Should you compete on price? Too many small businesses think they have to compete on price in order to get customers. Unless you are producing products where competitive pricing is the norm this is not a good idea! Almost every client I start working with is undercharging. When they are eventually persuaded to put up […]

How (and why) to network on-line

Why should you network? If you have the sort of business where customers beat a path to your door without you needing to do much you may not need to network. If you’re not in that category, and you don’t have an unlimited advertising budget you need to network. You can network face to face […]

The business roller coaster

Have you ever wanted to give up running a business and look for a job? You’re not alone! George Zitko started his business in 2012 and remembers sitting in his back bedroom trying to save a few pounds on business supplies. He spoke to another business owner who said “Instead of putting your energy into […]