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How to make decisions

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Why making decisions is crucial to success

Until a decision is taken, no action is possible.
It is the lack of action that causes most failures.

An analysis of over 25,000 people who had experienced some kind of failure revealed that the inability to make decisions was near the top of the list of reasons. (Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’)

Henry Ford was renowned for attributing his success to his ability to make decisions quickly and stick to them, often despite fierce opposition from his advisors.

Are you easily swayed by others?

If you find you constantly change your mind because you are afraid of what others might say or think about you, procrastination will cripple you and stop you from making a decision and more importantly, from taking action. [pullquote]Procrastination is sometimes confused with time management but this is not really the issue.[/pullquote]

The ability to make decisions comes back to understanding exactly what it is that you want.

Asking “Will this action take me closer to my goal?” is often all that’s need to make the decision.

Leaders in all walks of life decide quickly and firmly and the world has a habit of making room for the person who knows where they are going and why.

Have you worked out how you make decisions?

Do you work from logic, from gut instinct or do you take advice from others?

Recent studies have shown that decision making can be affected by our prejudices, our past experience and even our surroundings.

The reason that most people put off making a decision is the fear of getting it WRONG.

Procrastination leads to inaction.

Inaction leads to failure.

Failure leads to loss of confidence which make it hard to make decisions.

The only way out of this loop is to have courage, make a decision in the full knowledge that whatever happens you will deal with it and remember that most fears are about things that never happen.

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