Collaborate or Compete?

Could a collaboration be good for your business? Competition in business is usually regarded as a good thing. It can improve quality, value and service. It can also cause a lot of wasted time and effort and drive prices down to unrealistic levels. Every competiton has a winner and a loser. So how about looking […]

Six lessons to build a £200k a month revenue.

How do you come up with that killer business idea? Rob Percival was a maths teacher who did a bit of coding on the side, building websites and dabbling in being an entrepreneur. Over a period of eight years he created a few businesses that didn’t work ( anyone?) and two businesses that between them […]

There’s more to life than business – but what?

Are you in business to make a good life or just to run a business? Seriously: what’s the point of running a business? Are you changing the world, making a difference, solving problems? You are are? Good for you. Are you also having fun, building a good life, enjoying time with friends and family or is […]

Trust is built in your behaviour, not in your message.

Without trust there can be no relationships of any value. A young boy wanted to buy his parents a thank you gift for taking him to Disneyland. He spent the last of his pocket money on a salt and pepper pot with Mickey Mouse ears from the gift shop. As he ran back to give […]

Living in the moment – is this success?

When do you say “I’m successful”? When do you say “I’ve done what I set out to do” When do you relax and say “That’s enough”? Martyn Sibley took the topic on self -belief being an intrinsic part of success and talked about why it is important and why he has it in bucket loads. […]