Mastermind Groups

There are many versions of Mastermind Groups, some a lot more effective than others. Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate who was once one of the richest men in American history, attributed his entire fortune and success to his Mastermind group. The original Mastermind Group Its thought that the idea of Mastermind groups started as far […]

The art of subtle networking

What’s the point of networking? Most people network to get something: sales, contacts, referrals, recommendations, etc. There is a certain type of networker who says their aim is to give but usually with the caveat that “givers gain” or that “what goes around comes around.” There are two main variations on networking: a formal ritual […]

Are you vanilla or marmite?

Someone just described me as Marmite! Was I surprised? No. Was I offended? No.     It cropped up because the person I was talking to had just said that he likes to be liked. He goes out of his way to get everyone to like him. The result? He feels that people overlook him […]

Wishes, dreams, goals, plans and resolutions …

Once upon a time there was a business owner who wished she could be rich. She dreamt of all the things she’d buy, all the places she’d go and, of course, the charity she would set up to help people less fortunate than herself. One day, a friend said, “It’s not enough to wish and […]

Is it better to work for money or love?

Can you ever really “work” at something you love? My son loved taking photographs and was very good at it. When he tried to turn photography into a business he fell out of love with it. When he did something else to earn money he went back to loving photography. This isn’t unusual. When people are […]