Why passion isn’t enough

Success in business is not about passion. Of course it’s great if you love what you do. Of course it’s great if you work for a purpose other than to make money. These are bonuses. What makes a business work is the boring stuff. Does anyone want to buy what you want to sell? Are […]

The most important to do list.

Another day, another dollar? Its seven o’clock on a Monday morning and you’ve decided that this is the week that is really going to make a difference. You’ve got your to do list and a goal to get more clients, more orders and more money in the bank. It’s too early to start calling people […]

How to grow a business

Why so many businesses don’t grow Lots of people have great ideas for businesses. Lots of people start new businesses. Not many grow them into thriving enterprises that provide employment, and contribute significantly to the economy of the country. Too many people spend all their time working IN their business and hardly any time at […]