When to move from idea to action

“How quickly should you move from idea to action without overthinking it?”

I just got asked this question because I was wondering how many people who’ve started podcasts took the time to work out if it was a good idea, or just gave in to an impulse because everybody else is doing it.

Thinking something through doesn’t have to take a long time.

It doesn’t have to ruin the excitement of a new idea, but it really does need to be done.

Before taking any action, always, always, always ask, “Will this take me closer to my goals?”

If the answer is no, it’s a distraction and should be dumped. (Or do it just for fun but don’t kid yourself its business.)

If the answer is yes, it should still be evaluated: Effort and cost in / rewards out

Will it convert to sales / growth?
How? What’s the process?
How will you measure results?

If you work this through and get some good numbers, do it.

If the effort / cost it takes far outweighs any potential reward or it just can’t be measured, back off.

Then re-visit your plan for reaching your goals (you have got one haven’t you?) and take the action that will move you closer to getting what you want.

Time to action?

From idea to action doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes – maybe more if you do a bit of research to see if anyone is interested.

But that time is the difference between jumping on a bandwaggon that doesn’t help you and creating something that gives you real results.

Want to talk through your idea and check it out? Get in touch – I’m all ears! 




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