More customers isn’t always the answer

Free Hugs v Luxury HugsGetting new customers is the most expensive way to grow your business.

According to many sources, it can be seven times more expensive to get a new customer than to sell more to existing ones.

Before spending money on finding new customers, think about doing these things instead:

  • Add value to what you sell; do it better, quicker or more quirkily than anyone else (never cheaper).
  • Make your customers feel special; celebrate their anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions (use a CRM to keep track).
  • Sell them more things; solve more problems or create more delight for them. Do they know about everything you offer?
  • Sell them things more often; offer great deals for repeat business that you don’t have to work hard for, so long as it’s still profitable.
  • Put up your prices (most good customers buy on value not price).
  • Do you tell your story well? The most visited page on a website is the “About” page. People want to know who they’re buying from, what your values are and what they’ve got in common with you. (Even one tenuous link like a shared birthday, school, pet or taste in music makes a sale more likely.)

All of these steps cost a lot less than finding new customers and can make a big difference to your profits. Try them!

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