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How to get great testimonials

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Powerful testimonials really do persuade people to buy.

We all like to see proof of how good something is before we buy it.

We want to see if the people who bought it are like us (have the same problems, needs, desires or aspirations).

We like to see if we’re in the same tribe, group, clan, family.

Why? Because that’s how we know we can TRUST YOU.

If somebody who runs a business like mine got great value from using your product or service, I’m more likely to buy from you.

If I’m connected to that person in other ways, and I trust them, I’m MUCH more likely to buy from you.

(It’s called social proof. Nielsen, the world’s biggest market research company, says people trust social proof 84% more than advertising.)

How do you get really great testimonials?

This is a simple process that really works:

Approach every client for whom you know you’ve done a good job.[pullquote]Nielsen, the world’s biggest market research company, says people trust social proof 84% more than advertising.[/pullquote]

Most people haven’t a clue how to write a good testimonial and will put it off, so send them a copy of a really good one they can use as a template, or write it for them. It saves them a lot of time and you a lot of hassle.

(If you’re cringing – get over yourself. All you’re doing is allowing more people to benefit from what you have to offer).

The testimonial should say three crucial things:

  • This is the problem we had,
  • This is what you did to fix it,
  • This is the measurable result.

Anything else, like how lovely, patient, kind and understanding you are, is nice, but icing.

Good testimonials aren’t fluffy; they communicate very specifically the type of person the testimonial writer is and the type of problem they’ve been able to solve with your help, and how this benefited them.  This helps readers put themselves in the storyteller’s shoes.

Most importantly it should be attributed to the writer. If it’s a business, their business name and website should be included (remember social proof). If its a personal service and people don’t want to be identified, make sure you include the important factors that potential buyers will identify with, e.g., gender, age, location, etc. A photo is even better – and adds to to the trust factor. [pullquote]If you’re not getting great testimonials, maybe you should be asking for feedback instead![/pullquote]

This doesn’t follow the formula, but it’s certainly original …

This is my only testimonial in Limerick form!
Matt Widgery
“There once was a lady called Ann
Who came up with a business plan
Her skills she transferred
To us entrepreneurs
And those that couldn’t now can!”

Matt Widgery Founder at Framed Planet Music and Commercial Photographer at Matt Widgery Photography and Author at F Stop Lounge

If you’re not getting great testimonials that bring you new business contact me now and lets talk about how to put that right!

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