Ask why, not how

We can save a lot of time by asking why instead of how.

Work Smart Not Hard Tip No. 16 in a series written for Indie Cambs

In Tip 14 I talked about the time trap of chasing the latest shiny thing that will miraculously make life, business and the universe better. It struck quite a chord with a lot of people who admitted that it’s all too easy to get distracted by things we really don’t need.

We often avoid the question of whether something is worth doing by going straight to the question “How do I do it?”

A lot of working smart, not hard, is about asking good questions and WHY is one of the best.

The marketing for all new things is designed to create the fear of missing out. They all have a call to action, not a call to question, so if you find you’re responding to the urge to “Join Now” take a step back and ask why.

The goal of working smart is to balance what works with what counts.

Questioning our own motivation and doing something because it matters, not just because we can, is fundamental to simplifying everything and making what matters to us really count.
Saying yes is easier than saying no but saying no means we protect our time for doing the things that really matter to us.

If you’d like help with working smart, just let me know!

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