Child dancing with a sculpture

Are you solving problems or creating delight?

Child dancing with a sculpture

Most businesses are started to solve a problem.

A few create delight.

If you can do both you should not only be very successful but you’ll probably be very satisfied and fulfilled as well.

Do your customers have a pain that your service or product can alleviate?

If not, they may have an irrational passion for something that you can supply?

It’s not always as obvious  as it might seem. It all comes down to what you’re really selling.

These three famous brands seem to have it nailed. What do you think they’re selling?

Revlon ad Harley Davidson Nike tick


On the face of it (sorry) Revlon could be seen to be solving the problem of imperfect skin or ageing. Harley Davidson might have started by solving a transport problem and Nike is solving the need that sports people have for high performance equipment and garments.

According to their own marketing departments,

Revlon sells hope;

Harley Davidson sells freedom;

Nike sells winning.

This takes the idea of solving problems and creating delight a step further by identifying the emotion your customer feels when they buy from you.

There is another theory, that all purchases are emotional ones.

If you’d like to talk about what emotion your business is creating for your customers, send me an email and I’ll help you to nail it!

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  1. Gail Bull
    Gail Bull says:

    This post fits nicely with my approach to problems and solutions: a problem is a solution in disguise. I help people and businesses with words. Their words are often a ‘problem’. I sprinkle pixie dust on them and POW they are transformed to delight. My clients gain pride. So I guess that’s what I sell them.

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