Plans and real life

Planning for uncertainty

Small business owners are usually not great fans of planning.

Most people start a business to do the thing they’re good at, and that’s not the boring businessy stuff.

Add to this the uncertainty of a world in chaos and planning of any sort can seem futile.

But I’m still banging on about planning and here’s why:

Everything has changed and yet nothing has really changed.

Even in the middle of a pandemic we all still have hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions.

Survivial is easier if we can imagine a better future and even easier is we start to work towards it.

Waiting to see what happens gets us nowhere.

We’ve never been able to predict the future so we’ve always been planning in hope rather than certainty.

And … (you may have heard this before)

Its not the plan but the process of planning that is most valuable

Every plan starts with where you are now and where you want to get to.

Then comes the creative bit – how will you get from here to there?

This where the real gold is.

You want to earn £x – how will you do that?

You want more time off – how will you do that?

You want to write a book – how will you do that?

You want to sail around the world – how will you do that?

The process of planning will throw up all the things you’re prepared to do to get what you want and all the things you’re not prepared to do.

When you’ve got your plan you commit to taking action. This is easier if you’ve got someone to hold you accountable.

Life is simpler with a plan. Decisions are easier. Finding other ways to do things is easier.

It won’t be straightforward. There will be obstacles, delays and knockbacks, but consistently taking action that moves you closer to your goal will get you a lot further than waiting to see what happens every day.

That’s the plan. Then, now, whenever.

If you want help making your plan and sticking to it, just let me know. That’s what I do.

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  1. Helen+Lindop
    Helen+Lindop says:

    One of the (many) things this pandemic has taught me is that there never was any certainty, it just felt that there might be!

    But there’s more chance of getting what you want if you plan for it than if you just wait and see what happens next.

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