Suspended in a strange reality

What are you putting off?

If you answered “everything” you’re not alone!

“Suspended in a strange reality” is how a member of my network described how he’s feeling right now.

While many people are busy getting on with their business there is a strange sense of unreality about everything.

Lots of small businesses I work with are having their best year ever. They’ve got plenty of things to be doing but actually doing them is a bit more difficult. Concentration is a problem, motivation is a problem, lack of energy and creativity is a big problem.

Many are also finding it difficult to sign things off with clients. It’s almost as though the client can’t decide when a job is really finished and when to stop tweaking.

Procrastination is a HUGE problem

What used to be simple decisions now take lots of thinking through, there’s a lot of second guessing, a lot of “what ifs” and its all exhausting. (Its taken me about 3 weeks to write this post.)

What reasons are you giving yourself for doing things – or putting off making a decision at all?

Its all because we don’t know what’s coming.

But then we never did.

We just thought that things would be much as they always were and most changes were in our control.

Now it feels as though nothing is in our control.

The whole world is re-aligning

Most of us have lived through tough times of one sort or another but we’ve never experienced a world where everything is changing.

So that poses the question: do we wait or do we act?

There are many reasons to wait and see what happens, but that means more of what we’ve got and most of us have had enough of that. The sheer boredom of not doing something purposeful is making every day a trial.

So here’s where I’m at: 

There are lots of things I want to get involved in to make whatever comes next better than we had before.

Its important to me to make sure as many small businesses as possible recover and keep growing and thriving so with the folks at Drive the Network we’ve co-created a series of workshops aimed at getting us all back in the groove, refocused, energised and having fun in our businesses again.

In addition to that I’ve re-discovered a desire to make the world a better place – however cheesy that sounds!

Most of the make-the-world-a-better-place topics are only tangentially connected to my business and not what you signed up for here so I’ve decided to resurrect a blog on the Medium platform that I started in 2015. That’s where I’ll be exploring lots of other ideas I’ve become involved with.

Creating the energy to start something is the key to dealing with procrastination

So here’s my offering:

Join me in helping to co-create great businesses that give people a purpose and a great life with Drive the Network Workshops

and / or

Look at the wider issues I’ll be writing about and share your thoughts on those with me on my Medium Blog

Let’s go …

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