Juggling priorities

Business is only a part of our lives.

We’ve been plunged headlong into a global crisis and our survival instincts have kicked in.

This means that things we used to take for granted have become a priority and a lot of the things we used to spend time on have gone way down the list.

Of all the things you’re juggling, your business is the one thing you can afford to drop.

It won’t break, it will just sit there until you pick it up and dust it off.

Everything else is fragile – including you – and you’re right to give those precious things all the attention you can.

Look after yourself first (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually), then look after your nearest and dearest.

Everything else flows from that.

Don’t beat yourself up if your business plans have to be put on hold – they’ll still be there when you’re ready to pick them up again.


If you’re struggling to know how to re-prioritise, what to do about clients, outstanding work or getting new work, please get in touch I’m talking to people every day about what is going on and how best to respond. The main thing is not to struggle on your own or think you are the only one trying to deal with these issues. You’re not alone and having a supportive network is a proving to be a great help for a lot of people. 

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