The stupid simple secret to making money

There is no secret to making money – stupid or otherwise.

I can’t claim credit for any of this … its been said by many people many times but ignored by many more!

The stupid simple secret to making money is:

  • Solve a problem for a specific group of people who have money to pay for the solution.

That’s it.

You need to tell the people with the problem that you’ve got a solution for them and establish that they’re prepared to pay enough for you to make a profit and then you should be rolling.

A few things to consider:

1. Who

Aim at a specific group of people rather than everyone.

2. What

Tell them how good they’ll feel when they have a solution not about the product or service itself.

3. Why

If anyone tells you need a “why” other than to make money ignore them. Once you’ve made the money you can decide to save the world, plant a forest, give it to charity or go on a cruise but first you have to make it.

4. Competition

If there isn’t any, ask yourself if it’s because you’re very innovative or because no-one wants what you’re trying to sell.

If there is competition it means there’s a market for what you want to sell but you need to be very sure about what you’re offering that’s different.

If you need help making money from your business, give me a shout. Keeping things simple for small businesses is what I do! 



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