So you’re passionate about your business. So what?

  Being passionate about your business is a good thing – right? I know lots of people who are passionate about their business. It’s a good thing and no more than I would expect from the people I mix with, given that most of them have chosen to do what they do. However, I am […]

B2B is Dead. Long live P2P.

People buy from people These are some thoughts inspired by Rick Segal in Forbes Magazine: B2B has ceased to be. Death was inevitable when people began carrying their telecommunications and computing power with them. From that point “The Firm” lost its place as the organizing principle of business marketing. If we really want to influence […]

Do you need tea and sympathy?

      Oh dear, poor you. You’re having a hard time, your business isn’t going well and life is so unfair and you have a lot to deal with. This sympathy is free, there’s no obligation to return it and it’s offered in all sincerity. I’d offer you some tea to go with it […]

Seductive Networking

“Be seductive” the man said. “Use your voice, your eyes, your body to seduce the person you’re talking to. Make them WANT to get to know you better.” “Most importantly”, he added, “Remember, it’s not about YOU!” To be interesting you need to be more interested in the person you’re talking to than in yourself. […]