Remove the technology

Don’t dive into social media The rise in the use of Social Media means that more people are doing their own marketing (or they think they are). Often what they are doing isn’t marketing at all, they’re just producing noise and wondering why it doesn’t work. To build awareness of your business you need a […]

Hope and optimism

One of the highlights of my week used to be a video blog called “Optimistic Monday” by my friend Phil Begnett . Phil had a loyal following of people like me who loved the random upbeat messages that he posted on the theme of “every Monday is a fresh start”. He even entitles one post “CTRL+ALT+DEL” as a way to […]

Do big goals lead to big success?

Should you set big fat hairy audacious goals or stick to the reasonable, more easily achieved variety? Many interviews with highly successful people reveal that they set themselves huge goals, fired by a burning desire to achieve something specific and that these goals determine their direction and purpose in life and colour all their decisions […]