You can’t grow a business by yourself

Do you do everything in your business yourself – or just the important things? Today I got into a bit of an argument on Twitter (nothing new there). It started with someone moaning about having to get up at ridiculous hours to attend to their business and me responding by saying that as they own […]

B2B is Dead. Long live P2P.

People buy from people These are some thoughts inspired by Rick Segal in Forbes Magazine: B2B has ceased to be. Death was inevitable when people began carrying their telecommunications and computing power with them. From that point “The Firm” lost its place as the organizing principle of business marketing. If we really want to influence […]

How to grow a business

Why so many businesses don’t grow Lots of people have great ideas for businesses. Lots of people start new businesses. Not many grow them into thriving enterprises that provide employment, and contribute significantly to the economy of the country. Too many people spend all their time working IN their business and hardly any time at […]