Is it better to work for money or love?

Can you ever really “work” at something you love? My son loved taking photographs and was very good at it. When he tried to turn photography into a business he fell out of love with it. When he did something else to earn money he went back to loving photography. This isn’t unusual. When people are […]

Six lessons to build a £200k a month revenue.

How do you come up with that killer business idea? Rob Percival was a maths teacher who did a bit of coding on the side, building websites and dabbling in being an entrepreneur. Over a period of eight years he created a few businesses that didn’t work ( anyone?) and two businesses that between them […]

There’s more to life than business – but what?

Are you in business to make a good life or just to run a business? Are you changing the world, making a difference, solving problems? You are are? Good for you. Are you also having fun, building a good life, enjoying time with friends and family or is there no time for that and you’re on […]

Trust is built in your behaviour, not in your message.

Without trust there can be no relationships of any value. A young boy wanted to buy his parents a thank you gift for taking him to Disneyland. He spent the last of his pocket money on a salt and pepper pot with Mickey Mouse ears from the gift shop. As he ran back to give […]

Living in the moment – is this success?

When do you say “I’m successful”? When do you say “I’ve done what I set out to do” When do you relax and say “That’s enough”? Martyn Sibley took the topic on self -belief being an intrinsic part of success and talked about why it is important and why he has it in bucket loads. […]