Value your work and your life workshop

More and more business owners are finding it hard to get clients and get paid what their work is worth.

This isn’t because they’re not doing a good job. It’s because we’re all suffering from a tsunami of content and information.

Are buyers avoiding you?

Buyers are deliberately avoiding adverts and marketing messages and instead rely on trusted sources for recommendations when they need something. There is also an increase in the number of business owners battling to get paid, or being asked to work for “exposure”.

If this all sounds a bit grim, take heart! There is a different way to build a business that gives you a great life as well as a good living.  A lot of it hinges on how business owners value themselves, their talent, expertise and time.

This one day workshop will challenge your thinking and give you the tools and confidence to use a different approach to building the business and the life that meets all your needs.

You’ll go away with four powerful new strategies:

  1. A clear understanding of your self-worth and why it is more powerful than self-esteem.
  2. How to become a trusted partner, not just a supplier.
  3. The tools to empower other people to share your story and recommend you.
  4. How to have great conversations and build powerful relationships that build your business and enhance your life.

These strategies will help you to attract clients who appreciate your worth and the value you bring to their lives and businesses.

This workshop is run on-line over four weeks, including workbooks and 1:1 coaching for £150.00.

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