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Big Hairy Goals

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Why are big, hairy goals better than SMART ones?

If you have ever set goals, you were probably advised to set SMART ones:

 Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed.

In other words, mediocre, run of the mill and not too challenging!

What some of the top achievers in the world have in common is that they set outrageous, massive, audacious or, in other words ‘big hairy’ goals.

If you are completely and utterly contented with your life, you probably don’t want to bother reading any further but if there are things you want to achieve, this is how to follow in the steps of other great achievers:

1. Set a BIG Goal.

It should excite you, scare you and you probably have no idea how you’re going to achieve it. Don’t allow anyone else (including the voices in your head) determine what you are capable of. You decide!

2. Decide WHY you want to achieve it.

Your ‘why’ must be bigger than your fears. It is what will keep you going when things get tough and you say “Why am I doing this?”

3. Find out what you don’t know.

Find people who have different skill sets, experience and expertise. Ask them for ideas. Study people who’ve done what you want to do. Use your peer group for support and ask them to help you to keep on track.

4. Decide what you ‘must’ do.

Prioritise a list of actions that you must take to achieve your goal. Follow it with a list of ‘maybe do’ tasks.

5. Take action.

In your diary set aside time every day to do something that will take you closer to achieving your goal. Every time you need to make a decision ask “Will this take me closer to my goal?” If the answer is no, don’t do it.

Final word:
If your ‘why’ is big enough you will never give up, no matter how many obstacles you encounter. If you find you are not taking action it is because your goal simply doesn’t excite you enough so let it go. Its not supposed to be another stick to beat yourself up with.

If you’d like to talk about how to set the goals that will grow your business, get in touch

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  1. Carmen Hockenberry
    Carmen Hockenberry says:

    Too cool! Bookmarking your blog and am going to start working through the archives as soon as I get time. Glad there’s someone out there writing about this with your attitude and honesty.

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