Work less, earn more!

Why are you running your own business?

Work Smart Not Hard Tip No. 21 in a series written for Indie Cambs.

I was talking to one of my clients last week and he had this written on his whiteboard in big letters! “Work less, earn more!”

He’s been working a four day week for a few years now and is always getting enquiries about taking on new clients. The way he resists that is by focusing on two things:

1. Why he’s running his own business – to have freedom to choose how he spends his time.

2. To earn enough money to make that possible.

Do you choose a time in your business, perhaps an anniversary, to reflect on what worked and what didn’t, what you’d like to keep doing and what you want to drop, and maybe what you want to start in order to get a different result in future?

If you resist planning and goal setting because it gets blown up into something complicated you’re not alone – but working smart, not hard is all about deciding what you really want and then figuring out the simplest way to get it.

If you want to spend less time working – how will you do that without losing income?
If you want to earn £x – how will you do that and still spend less time working?

When you answer those questions you have goals and a plan! It really can be that simple.
When you’ve got your plan, it’s essential to commit to taking action. This is easier if you’ve got someone to hold you accountable.
Life is simpler with a plan. Decisions are easier. You stop going round in circles. It often helps to talk out loud to someone who has no vested interest in your business – preferably someone who asks good questions. Let me know if I can help.

People who run their own businesses are unlike anyone else. It takes a lot of energy, there’s no coasting, no waiting for someone else to sort out problems, so if you want to work less and earn more the decisions you make will have a direct impact on this.

The four basic rules never change.
1. Look after yourself so that you’re fit to do everything else.
2. Look after your important relationships or there’s no point in anything.
3. Allocate time to do what’s important to you first.
4. Set strong boundaries and don’t let anyone steal your time.

After that, it really is up to you – but you don’t have to do it on your own. Let me know if you want to talk about how to work less and earn more.

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