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Inspire and Be Inspired is what we do!

This picture from Gaping Void Art is on my business cards because it perfectly describes how inspiration works.

Peer group support from people who are growing their own businesses is truly inspiring.

I run a Facebook Group where business owners selflessly share their experience, knowledge, wisdom, triumphs, failures, awesomeness and muppetry, and in doing so encourage, teach and learn from each other – just because they can!
I asked a group of Inspiring Entrepreneurs to

Brag like no-one is listening!

What is the highlight of your year so far? What did you do spectacularly well? What are you most proud of? What made you grin inanely and do a little dance?

These are their replies

(what you don’t get here is the interaction, the banter, the jokes, the encouragement, sympathy and other awesomeness – you can see all that in the group!)

  • What I did: the best part is the continued shift from artist to business-minded artist. I brought in this year’s income target and I have settled on next year’s. It gives me vertigo looking up. I don’t know if I can do it, but there is no point setting a goal I know I can reach. Lots of things have added up this year. Mostly, painted well and sold commission time.
  • I received a conditional offer on the book proposal yesterday. I got shortlisted for the Annual Learning Awards, and I found a focus for my desire to use my work to fuel a social purpose. I did an excellent job of leaving myself exposed to the whims of other people and learned some painful, useful lessons in the process. I finally found the confidence to call myself an artist. Oh – and I joined this group too. #Winning
  • My highlight was seeing my classes start successfully in Amritsar with some lovely enthusiastic teachers. While there I was thrilled to explain the benefits of music to about 100 parents (they were expecting 20).
  • I mainly edit web videos, but this year I edited an indie comedy film that was shown at the Cambridge Picture House. It was both exciting and nerve-wracking watching my work on the big screen and experiencing the audience’s reaction. I think my knees knocked throughout!
  • Maintaining a 20-25% open rate on an email I send out every day to my contact list. And actually writing the emails in the first place.
  • My emails are something I’ve worked on thanks to this group. I’m giving them a little more structure and writing them a little more frequently. My list is still small, and yesterday my final note for the year had a 36% open rate – the highest for over a year. Thanks for the support folks.
  • It’s been a tough year as the owner of a new business. However, since September things have improved. All of the work I’ve put in is starting to pay off and is a real reminder that building worthwhile relationships does not happen overnight. I have started to work smarter by collaborating with the right people/businesses that have access to the clients I need, which will hopefully provide regular, ongoing income. The business has made more this financial year so far than it did for the whole of last year so that’s an improvement. Most of all I have realised the value of my time and ME and I’m not afraid to charge for it! Will be increasing my prices too! Thank you to everybody else who contributes to this page. It is a great resource for advice, support and encouragement.
  • When asking my clients how I am different, getting the answer “Results!” Plus a thousand other magic moments of clarity and small successes… and sharing the good times, and trials and tribulations with this group – thank you!
  • Yesterday I generated the invoice that put me over my income target for the year. Watching this Facebook group and listening in to the advice, even if it’s not directly for me, has been invaluable there. I’ve learned a lot more about how to offer my services and when to say yes and no to things. Directed and general advice have both been good. Thanks for that, people.

Just because you run your business on your own doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Come and join our Facebook Group  and even if you never say a word you’ll still get the benefit of the support of those who do.

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