Why don’t you ask?

 Asking for what you want

I was at a meeting of Drive the Network in Cambridge where Rory Underwood (49 caps for England Rugby Union team and a top class RAF Hawk pilot) was the speaker.

The talk was brilliant and Rory was charismatic and engaging. Everyone was thrilled and delighted to hear the story of his success and how he uses all his insights of working with high performing teams to help businesses.

What intrigued me most was how Drive Group Leader, Andy Boothman, got such a high profile speaker to come to a local networking event, for no fee.

He said, “I asked.”

That’s how Andy did it.

He asked.

He might have got a no but that didn’t put him off.

If he hadn’t asked it would have been the same as getting a no.

The only way to have any chance of a yes is to ask.

What are you stopping yourself asking for?

What’s the worse that can happen?

Hit reply and tell me what you’re stopping yourself asking for, or better yet, just ask and let me know what happens!

Photo credit: Jean-Luc Benazet Cambridge Photographers


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