What is it you’re NOT doing?

Poster about being happy

Do you have quotes pinned to your wall?

Do you have one that says “Be honest”?

Or one that says “Wear clothes”?


That could be because you’re already in the habit of being honest and wearing clothes so you don’t need to remind yourself.

So if you pin something to your wall it usually means its something you want to do, but haven’t yet made a habit.

“Nothing wrong with that” I hear you mutter – and you’re right.

You’re right SO LONG AS ITS NOT THE ONLY THING YOU DO ABOUT IT.[pullquote]If you have something like the quote in this picture stuck to your wall, if you need reminding about something so fundamental, you probably need need help to make some changes.[/pullquote]

If pinning a quote to the wall is your equivalent of ticking it off your mental ‘to do’ list, it will soon just become part of your wallpaper and nothing will change. If you notice it at some later time you’ll just get a guilty jolt that you did nothing about it. Eventually you’ll stop looking at it or take it down because it makes you feel bad.

If a quote resonates with you its usually because you need to change something and that means taking ACTION to form a new habit and that ain’t easy.

A new habit needs be in line with your values and your most important goals:

There’s no point in trying to get a new habit if you create a conflict:
You want to eat less but can’t bear to waste food.
You want to spend more time on your business but don’t want to spend less time with your family.
You want to read more books but also want to get more sleep.

One of the best ways to form a new habit is to make yourself accountable to someone else, someone who will encourage you and celebrate with you – not someone who will use it to beat you up and make you feel guilty.

For more information on deciding on your most important goals, values and creating new habits get my FREE workbook “How to Have Your Best Year, Every Year” [pullquote]To make lasting changes
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What have you got stuck on your wall? What is it you’re NOT doing?

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  1. Katy Tuncer
    Katy Tuncer says:

    Good points Ann! I think with exercise we might never make it a habit. Instead we have to motivate ourselves every time, remember our goal and how we feel when we’re active.

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