Two kinds of goals

What kind of goals do you set?

I’m involved in keeping a group of people accountable for progressing their goals in the the next 12 weeks.

Looking at all the different goals that members are sharing, it’s obvious that some are RESULTS GOALS and some are PROCESS GOALS.

The type of goal you set will have a huge effect on your likelihood of achieving it.

For example, you set a goal of bringing in work worth £4,000 per month.

This a results goal but the results aren’t totally in your power to achieve – there will be an element of luck involved.

The process goal of contacting 10 new prospects a day is totally down to you, so you have a much higher chance of achieving it.

If you know that contacting 10 prospects a day is likely to bring in £4,000 a month then there’s a strong chance you’ll reach your result – but it’s not guaranteed.

This may seem a bit like semantics but If you are the kind of person who gets disheartened by not achieving goals, then look at how much of it is in your power to achieve before you set it. If there’s an element of luck involved then make the process your goal, especially if you don’t have the evidence that certain actions will give you precise results.

It’s important to set goals that are within your control to achieve.

So many people give up on setting goals because they fail to achieve them and feel its a useless activity.

The alternative is to leave it to luck which is not a good idea!

If you’d like help setting goals that are within your control to achieve, contact me and I’ll help you do a reality check.

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