What do you DO that makes you happy?

There’s more to life than business – but what?

Painted pebbles

Painted pebbles by Jacqueline Mia Monroe

Are you in business to make a good life or just to run a business?

Seriously: what’s the point of running a business? Are you changing the world, making a difference, solving problems?

You are are? Good for you.[pullquote]Saturday night just logged me out due to inactivity[/pullquote]

Are you also having fun, building a good life, enjoying time with friends and family or is there no time for that and you’re on a treadmill of eat / sleep / work and little else?

If you do nothing but business, have nothing to talk about but business, you have to ask, “what’s the point?” Take inspiration from some of these business owners in our New Business: Next Steps Facebook Group who talk about what they do that makes business fun and life worth living:…..

Apart from the obvious; spending time with family and friends, what is it that gets your motor running, gets your juices flowing, makes your heart leap, calms you down, fills you with peace, keeps everything in perspective?

[pullquote]Halloween is also a good time to go door-to-door, asking people to join your network on LinkedIn.[/pullquote]
Here’s what they said:

  • Racing cars, which is part of the business, so my escape is a bit close to home.
  • Running.
  • I like to absorb the fermented juice of the grape.
  • Music. Pick my favourite playlist and usually listen to them on my iPad. Takes me straight to a different world. Music is good for the soul.
    Music is my thing! Music covers all these things.
  • STEM activities – I’m off today to talk to IVC on Mammoths in our region
  • Walking my dog. I either listen to audiobooks or have the boys with me, so I switch off either way. It’s good.
  • Scuba diving holidays
  • I like to paint stones from the beach and go somewhere to leave them in places where people will find them. (See the picture above by Jacqueline Mia Monroe )
  • Sleeping enough. Getting time away from my family. Making things that are not art-related. Reading.
  • Slightly wobbly crafts
  • Yoga classes
  • Taking photographs, especially flowers and insects and not outside when it’s cold. I also love drawing, art and painting
  • Seeing a DB Schenker Class 66 pull freight up the ECML (Geek!!) (That’s train spotting)
  • My Faith – being able to go to Mass every morning. A privilege denied to so many throughout the world today.
  • Playing strategy games and Blabbing
  • A long run in wide open spaces with my dogs and ipod for company. Great for the mind, body and soul.

How about you? What gets your motor running, gets your juices flowing, makes your heart leap, calms you down, fills you with peace, keeps everything in perspective?

Contact me now if you’d like to get some simple strategies to enjoy your business, make more profit and have more time to enjoy it. Don’t waste any more of your precious time!

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