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Nobody cares about what you do until they care about who you are

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I’ve just read an article about a blogger who gave up writing because he couldn’t get anyone interested in his stuff, despite doing all the things that popular bloggers do. This is the response he got from his mentor:

“Nobody knows who you are.”

“Isn’t that the point of publishing great content?” he responded. ” You write lots of great stuff, and then the word spreads, and people find out about you?”

“No,” his mentor said. “People find out who you are, and THEN they read your content, and THEN they tell other people about you. Connections come first. Great content comes second.”

This particular blogger went on to get himself noticed in the right places, made friends with influential people in his field and enjoyed considerable success.

That kinda follows on from one of the things I’m fond of telling anyone who’ll listen:

“No-body really cares about what you do until they care about who you are”

Truth: unless you are one in million, there are other people doing more or less what you do. You can have a USP, you can niche, you can differentiate on price or packaging or delivery or options or colours or something but unless any of this makes a HUGE difference, people are going to buy from people they know and trust OR from the people they know and trust know and trust – if you see what I mean.

When someone is making a decision about who to buy from, they ask their friends.

Even Google recognises the importance of this now and puts ‘social liking’ ahead of lots of other stuff in SEO.

It might be called word of mouth marketing but in effect it means that somebody likes you, for whatever reason.

Do good work, be someone worth caring about, and you’ll find that people start to care and start to recommend you.

Marketing has never been so easy.

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  1. Mary Blackhurst Hill
    Mary Blackhurst Hill says:

    Love this one! I attended Corrina’s webinar on “Three Reasons why nobody’s reading your blogs” and she talked about this one: it’s the KLT factor – “Known, liked and trusted”. I’ve realised I blog for my clients but I need to blog for people who know me but are not clients – yet….

  2. AnnHawkins
    AnnHawkins says:

    Mary Blackhurst Hill More than anything, you need to raise your profile, maybe with some PR – see previous post and then people will take notice of your posts.

  3. carlos mrsilva
    carlos mrsilva says:

    Mary Blackhurst Hill If you get to know your clients very well, then you will know their genuine interests and then you will be able to blog about something that they will devote their intire attention to.
    If you do this several times, you will be noticed and then all of them will try to know better who you are.

    Nobody  will care what you do until YOU care about who they are!

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