Networking Revolution

People enjoying meeting each other

Its time for a revolution in networking.

Business networking has fallen into a pattern: turn up, deliver a quick sales pitch, ‘work the room’, expect referrals and follow up with a further sales pitch, sometimes disguised as “lets meet for coffee”.

Every few weeks, repeat repeat the same ritual with the same people, even those you don’t like and would normally cross the road to avoid.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of business owners find this an excruciating experience.

There is an alternative to traditional networking

Time is precious so why would anyone pitch up to an event on the off chance that there will be someone worth meeting? Why not research attendees on-line then break the ice so that you never need to walk into a room full or strangers or ask “what do you do?”

We can find people who share our interests, values and beliefs and we don’t need to be ‘sold’ to.  Connections are faster and deeper and often take place before people meet face to face. Geographical barriers are no longer an issue.

Networking becomes a treasure hunt and the treasure is interesting, exciting, lovely people with opinions, hobbies, talents and skills – not just one dimensional business pitches.

Networking is about creating contacts for life, not just for business.

Next time you’re invited to a networking event ask for the attendance list before you turn up. Make some connections on-line.
See what a difference it makes!

If you’d like to try a civilised way of networking without sales pitches check out Drive the Network

If you’d like to talk about how to grow your business, get in touch or say hello on Twitter @AnnHawkins

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  1. jonbuscall
    jonbuscall says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that we have this kind of opportunity nowadays. As someone here in Sweden I can connect with folks not just in the UK but from all over. I’ve been following the discussions on LI since we did the podcast and I’m amazed at how engaged and positive folks are. Brilliant!

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