“I can’t imagine anyone paying me that much!”

How do you know you’re worth it?

I was helping someone to review their recently formed business.

Given his talents and experience we decided that he could easily move away from a generic, low cost offering to a more specific high value one.

We started talking about pricing and I introduced the idea of value pricing rather than fixed price packages.

I suggested a starting price for a project and that’s when he made the announcement:

“I can’t imagine anyone paying me that much!”

Although this is a new business, the business owner is highly qualified and experienced, an award winner, talented and smart.

The value he can bring to a business is enormous and by pricing himself at the lower end of the scale he is likely to miss getting the chance to quote for some great jobs because he won’t be taken seriously.

Just because your business is new doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be paid for the value you add to your clients.

It’s all about how you present yourself and your ideas – but also about how much you believe you’re worth!



If you’d like help figuring out how much you’re worth to your clients, let me know and we’ll have a chat!