Get your blog looking good with enticing images like shiny bright marbles

How’s your blog looking?

Get your blog looking good with enticing images like shiny bright marbles

Is your blog shiny, polished and enticing?

Will the images make me stop and look?
When I scan the page are there enticing headlines that make me want to read it?
If I like what I read can I subscribe to get future posts by email?[pullquote]If all I see is a sea of grey text I’ll be gone in a heartbeat[/pullquote]

You’ve got seconds to draw people in

The main headline is tagged H 1
The rest are H 2
There are two good reasons to use these headline tags.
1) Readers scan a page and pick out headlines. If they’re interesting they’ll go back and read the text.
2) Google and other webcrawlers use the tags to index content so the more relevant your headlins are to your content the better SEO you’ll get.[pullquote]Pull quotes break up the text and draw the readers in[/pullquote] The photo is not only visually arresting and pleasing it is also tagged with Alt Text. This means that the text reader that is used by visually impaired readers will pick up the text but Google loves this indexing too and if you get it right your images will also show up in searches.
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Black text on a white background is easiest to read

Your hipster designer may like white on black and, while it can look good, it’s hard to read for any length of time so defeats the object. If your blog default text colour is grey,change it – it’s an easy thing to do.
A semi-transparent background with images behind the text are also irritating. If you want people to read your words don’t put obstacles in the way.

Can I have more please?

A sign up by email box on a blog Building your own mailing list is one of THE best reasons for blogging. Make it easy for people to subscribe and become regular readers. Most mailing houses (like Mailchimp) give you a code to link your subscribe box to a mailing list.

You can also make it easy for people to share your posts on THEIR OWN social networks by adding social sharing buttons like the ones at the bottom of this post.

Have a call to action at the end of every post

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How to build an audience

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