How to get more Twitter followers

There are only two ways to get more Twitter followers.

(Warning! There is more advice about how to use Twitter than there is about how to lose weight and most of it is just as useful! Also – sarcasm is used liberally throughout this post!)

Actually, there are three ways to get Twitter followers but the first one is:

Be a celebrity. Stephen Fry

If you’re not one, then these are the only two ways open to you:

I assume you’ve done the ground work, got some key words in your bio including a real location that will show up on searches, got a good picture so that you look like a real person and you’ve used some search tools to find people to follow. Now you want “A FOLLOWING”  so that you can get your sales message out to as many people as possible and start making money from this game. (And boast a bit about how popular you are.)

Twitter bird winking The quickest and easiest way to get more followers on Twitter is to simply use an autofollow application. This means that every time someone follows you, you automatically follow them back.

You won’t know who you are following but the numbers make you look good.

You will pick up loads of robots and ‘broadcast only’ accounts but as you’re not going to engage with them it won’t matter. You may get a few genuine accounts following you of course but you can get rid of them easily enough by using an auto DM that says something like

“Thanks for following me, check out my website, like my Facebook Page, buy my stuff”

Most of the real people will unfollow you in a heartbeat. If this doesn’t shake them off, don’t worry. Just set up some auto tweets to broadcast your sales messages at regular intervals. They’ll turn up in the middle of real people’s conversations like a fart at a party and that’ll get rid of those tiresome folk who actually want to make conversation.

Don’t forget, numbers are everything in this game so take no notice of the losers who say you should only follow people you are prepared to talk to. I mean ..!

If you blast your sales message out to enough people some of it will stick so just get to it!

Twitter follow me iconOr

If you have too much time on your hands you can always sweat it out with the real folk. This means that every time someone follows you, you need to take time from your busy schedule to see who they are and make an assessment on whether they are interesting enough for you to want to talk (Yes, really…… *talk*) to them.

Your numbers may be pitifully low compared to the autofollow geezers but hey, you can handle it, can’t you?

You have to reconcile the time you spend on choosing who to follow and the effort you put into making interesting, useful conversations, being helpful, re-tweeting stuff and all that ‘social’ activity and the fact that you may not actually get much sales stuff in, with the chance that some of these ‘real’ folk could, potentially, be quite interesting, maybe useful and even, as a last resort, fun.

But then, pfft, where’s the ROI in that?


If you are new to Twitter you may need help with how to apply it to your business but you don’t need help in how to be human. Twitter is about making real connections with real people – just like in the real world! See post Twitter Business for Beginners

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