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Testimonial? You write it, I’ll sign it!

Love heart - you're fabWhen you ask a client for a testimonial what do you get?

“You write it, I’ll sign it!”

How many times have you had a client say that?

The truth is, even your raving fans might find it hard to give you a testimonial that will have your prospects queuing up to hire you, so sometime the only option is the obvious one.

How to structure a great testimonial

Step 1 Identify: “We chose you because we were struggling to get the profits we knew were possible. We were impressed by your understanding of our business and interest in our issues.”

Step 2 Quantify: “Within six months we could see significant improvement in our sales.”

Step 3 Audit: “By the end of the year we had increased our profits by £10k.”

Step 4 Priceless: “We can’t imagine running our business without you and have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

Here’s a great example:

Angela Wilson Bookkeeping

“When I found Angela my accounts were a mess and I was wasting lots of time looking for papers and information.  Within 1 month Angela had provided a simple working system that reduced my stress and freed up enough time for me to start a new project which has so far netted £3,000 profit. Angela is totally trustworthy and I sleep better knowing that I don’t have to worry about getting the VAT return done on time! Hiring Angela isn’t a cost to my business; she adds so much value I wouldn’t be without her.”

Make the testimonial even more compelling

Before writing a testimonial from your favourite client think about what you’re really selling. We all engage with people on an emotional level and need to understand exactly what that means to our clients. For example Harley Davidson sells freedom, Nike sells winning, Revlon sells hope. In the testimonial above, Angela is selling peace of mind and trust. If you’re in doubt – ask your clients and be sure to weave these emotions into the testimonials for maximum impact.

Think about recording your clients giving an audio or video testimonial – especially if you can get them to do it spontaneously. It may not be as carefully constructed as a written one but the genuine enthusiasm and transparency will make it very powerful.

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  1. Shari Khan
    Shari Khan says:

    This sounds like an interesting meeting I missed.
    I agree there’s nothing quite like getting audio or video testimonials from clients, but even raving fans can become self-conscious when they have a camera or mic focussed on them.
    I felt very honoured when a coaching client of mine said she’d be happy to do a video testimonial especially as she had had issues with lack of assertiveness/self-esteem in the past…

  2. Jon Torrens
    Jon Torrens says:

    It was a really useful meeting. Here’s the testimonial I wrote for Chris Thomas:
    ‘A month ago I had no idea how to publish my book idea and thought I simply couldn’t do it. Chris clearly illustrated the different possibilities regarding the practicalities of formats, costs and designs, opened up some exciting avenues, and I can’t wait to get started. I’m now ready to take the next step armed with my new knowledge.’
    At first I thought that what I’d written was too concise, but the group seemed to like it!

  3. AnnHawkins
    AnnHawkins says:

    Jon Torrens I think a lot of the impact was in the way you read it out Jon. Both you and Chris MiltonContact have a wonderful way of expressing yourselves.

  4. AnnHawkins
    AnnHawkins says:

    Shari Khan I mentioned your wonderful video testimonials in the meeting Shari – as you say it can be a bit daunting but with the right coaching it can turn out well!

  5. Miltoncontact
    Miltoncontact says:

    Hi all, back from break in Swansea :). My testimonial for Jon Torrens:
    As a frequent public speaker, I’m still worried my humorous material is a joke! Talking with Jon at a recent BOB meeting, I was impressed with Jon’s knowledge and accessible approach. I sought his advice.
    A key lesson is to keep it short, avoid verbosity and get to the point.
    I’m working on it!

  6. Shari Khan
    Shari Khan says:

    AnnHawkins Shari Khan Indeed Ann! This conversation has been a good reminder for me; I’m now planning to try out some audio testimonials soon as I think this might be a little easier for clients.

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