How do you achieve your goals with the least effort?

Working Smart Not Hard

First you have to have a clear goal.


The most common goal for a small businesses is the earnings of the business owner. How much money do you want to take out of the business to live on (or retire on)?
Then you need a plan. What do you need to do to achieve that goal? How many clients / sales do you need to make? What do you need to do to find the people you can sell your services or product to?


Pricing is a crucial part of this equation. The higher the price, the fewer sales you need to make. Pricing is also a perception of value and can elevate your sales process. Low pricing only works for high volume businesses. You never want to be the cheapest in the market. The only way to know if your prices are too high is when people say no. Good clients don’t buy on price.

Avoid the emotional rollercoaster

When you spend your time delivering work for clients you also need to spend time on bringing in new clients and in looking after yourself. It’s always a three way split.

Important not urgent

Working on what’s important instead of always reacting to what’s urgent is the key to good time management. What doesn’t get scheduled generally doesn’t get done.

More …

There’s a lot more to each step and some people get stuck on specific things for all sorts of reasons so if you’d like to talk about any aspect of working smart, not hard, just let me know! 

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