members of the Lunar Society meeting when the moon is full

Have you broken your promises to yourself?

members of the Lunar Society meeting when the moon is full

Have you done what you said you’d do?

If you work on your own, who is to know if nothing on your ‘to do’ list gets done?

You can procrastinate for as long as you like and no-one will be any the wiser.

Most business owners who talk about time management don’t really need help in managing their time.

They need someone to hold them to account for the results (or lack of) that they say they want to achieve in a certain time.

The thing that makes the biggest impact is when you agree what you’re going to do and comit to reporting in to somebody to tell them that you’ve done it.

Get somebody who will hold you to account.

Make it someone who has no axe to grind, no hidden agenda and just wants to see you succeed.

Ask them to accept no excuses and to make sure you keep on track with what you say you will do.

If you’d like me to be the person you talk about how to achieve what you say you want to do, get in touch

(The picture is of the Lunar Society –  thought to be the original MasterMind Group. It was made up of the men who supported each other with ideas and accountability to make incredible breakthroughs in bringing us electricity, steam trains, canals, mass production and a break with traditional work practices – Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgwood, Joseph Priestly, James Watt, Matthew Boulton, James Keir and more. They met for dinner on evenings when the moon was full because it made travel easier -hence the name of their society!) 

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