Do you “really” need a VA?

What does VA mean to you?

Given that I’m always preaching that business owners should automate and outsource as much of the routine work of the business as possible, its no surprise that I frequently get asked about hiring a VA.

There seems to be a misconception that a VA is someone who does virtually anything, not a specific assistant who works virtually as part of your team.

You might need an admin assistant, an ecommerce assistant, a design assistant, a copywriting assistant, a social media assistant, a marketing assistant, or somethng else.

I know a lot of really experienced, highly qualified, superb VAs and I’ve also heard a lot of horror stories of people who pop into their favourite Facebook Group and ask how to do the job they’ve just been hired for.

Mangled Mailchimp lists, on line training courses with “unexpected” tech issues, unanswered social media posts and messed up VAT returns are just some of the results.

V stands for virtual, not varied.

Before you look for someone to help, figure out exactly what you need help with and look for somone with specific skills, experience and testimonials for doing the sort of work that you want them to do.

A testimonial that say “easy to work with” and “good sense of humour” is fluff. Nice to have but not very useful. That’s not the kind of assistant most people need.

An admin assistant may not be good at designing webinars, a social media assistant may not be good at ecommerce, a copy writing assistant is not a designer. And none of them are bookkeepers.

You get the idea?

Good VA’s know their area of expertise. Those who profess to be good at everything are probably, at best, only mediocre at most of them.

Want to figure out where to start, which jobs you should start outsourcing? Get in touch and I’ll help you work out how to find the right help. 

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