Teapot with Tea and sympathy witten on it

Do you need tea and sympathy?


Teapot with Tea and sympathy witten on it

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Oh dear, poor you. You’re having a hard time, your business isn’t going well and life is so unfair and you have a lot to deal with.

This sympathy is free, there’s no obligation to return it and it’s offered in all sincerity. I’d offer you some tea to go with it but I can see you’ve already had lots.

Now, how do you feel? Understood and supported? Good.

But here you are still feeling bad and I can see that every time someone asks you how things are you feel that pain all over again. Could it be that the more you focus on your difficulties the worse you make yourself feel?

Anyway, that’s more than enough sympathy now. What you need is some encouragement.

Your business doesn’t have any emotions. It responds to action. Take the right actions and your business will flourish. Expect it to sit and wait for you to ‘feel like’ taking action and it won’t.

If fear has you in its frozen grip, sympathy won’t get you out of it. Even the tea won’t melt it. Only action has any effect.

If you can’t think straight, DO something.

Consistent action, doing the right things at the right time, is what gets us what we want but until you figure out the right things to do, do something anyway. Action has a 50% chance of getting the right result. Inaction has none.

I’m sorry you’re feeling bad. Really I am but what are you DOING to change things?

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  1. Toni Hunter
    Toni Hunter says:

    Hear Hear!

    For those wallowing in self-pity, I’m not interested, go away. If you are making an effort to change life for the better, let me know and I will hold your hand and support you all the way :)

  2. viviensabel
    viviensabel says:

    So true Ann! Focusing on what we want instead of what we haven’t got is so much more positive. Thank you for sharing.

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