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Do big goals lead to big success?

“No Hands” by Adam Hawkins

Should you set big fat hairy audacious goals or stick to the reasonable, more easily achieved variety?

Many interviews with highly successful people reveal that they set themselves huge goals, fired by a burning desire to achieve something specific and that these goals determine their direction and purpose in life and colour all their decisions and actions.

They also freely admit that when they set these goals it’s usually without any clear idea of how to achieve them.

What they do have however,  is an unwavering belief that trying is more important than failing.

This is what happens when a goal excites you enough:

You start to live every day in a way that makes it possible to achieve it.

Obstacles don’t seem daunting.

Failure is not scary – it’s just another step on the way.


Setting reasonable goals rarely leads to that sense of excitement so there isn’t the same incentive to overcome obstacles and the goals  just becomes another “so what?”

All great achievements begin with an idea, a want, a longing, a desire.

While she was still Posh Spice, Victoria Adams said she wanted to be “more famous than Persil”. As Mrs Victoria Beckham she got her desire, but many of our wants and longings never get past the wishing and dreaming stage.

If you’ve ever had your dream laughed at, if you’ve been told to ‘get real’, keep your feet on the floor, your shoulder to the wheel and your nose to the grindstone (ouch!) you’ve probably let go of that dream and it may now be just a vague longing.

How would you feel if you re-ignited that flame? What’s stopping you from blowing on the coals of your burning desire and setting off on an adventure of achievement?

My guess is, that interfering with your thinking, your determination and your belief is a very small word called FEAR.  It may be fear of failure, fear of success or simply a series of “what if’s?”

Fear is a tricky emotion. Most of the people who have achieved big fat hairy audacious goals say that the magnitude of what they were trying to achieve scared them – but they did it anyway.

If you knew that you could not possibly fail, what would you do?

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  1. HelenReinson
    HelenReinson says:

    When I was 8 years old I’d take my self to the local swimming baths, and even before I could swim well, would fling myself off the top diving board. I was terrified that I’d either knock myself out on the pool floor or drown trying to get to the edge of the pool. (I don’t recommend this for anyone)  I felt the fear but I did it anyway. I’ve never understood the concept ‘fear of success’ until this year, when my goals have suddenly got very fat and very hairy – but I’m going for it anyway.

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