Jelly beans

Count your beans!

Jelly beans

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

I recently read how the Chairman of advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi tells his corporate bean counters that employee and customer loyalty grows not from reason, but from the heart.

He uses the quote above, which is attributed to Albert Einstein who also said, “Don’t believe every quote you read on the internet, because I totally didn’t say that.”

What I was reading really annoyed me.

This is why ….. 

The reason is that I’d just spent some time talking to a guy who had closed his business, making eight people redundant. He was devastated and couldn’t understand how it happened. He had lots of work, his employees were good at what they did and his customers loved him. But he wasn’t making enough profit. The more work he got the quicker he lost money. His first words to me were: “I wish I’d understood more about how to run a business.”[pullquote]People don’t start businesses to look at profit margins and pricing but the ones that learn about this aspect of business quickly are the ones that are most likely to succeed.[/pullquote]

This kind of story isn’t unusual but its heartbreaking. His hopes and dreams had disappeared along with his life savings and he felt he’d let everyone down.

It’s true that not everything that can be counted counts. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore the fact that a lot of the skill of running and growing a business is about figuring out what needs to be counted and bloody well counting it.

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Sheesh …

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